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Basil in the garden is a must have. What doesn’t go with Basil? Over the years we have grown many different kinds of basils but we always come back to these. Sweet Basil is the ultimate basil. It has spice that jazzes up every dish its in. Thai Basil has a bit of a sweeter kick that makes it perfect for all Asian dishes. Lemon Basil is amazing with fish or vegetables. African Blue Basil is a sweet basil that works well with desserts. Clove Basil is so fragrantly yummy, you want to just kind of roll in it, but it also makes a soothing tea for sore throats and digestive issues. So do you pick just one? We wouldn’t.

Basil: The Crowning Jewel of Summer.

Basil recipes that prove basil is good for more than just pesto!

Basil pesto is great but here are other herbs for making pesto!