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Rosa Magic Carrousel Miniature Rose

$8.95 per 3-inch pot

Rosa Magic Carrousel Miniature Rose image
Rosa Magic Carrousel Miniature Rose image
Rosa Magic Carrousel Miniature Rose image

Rosa Magic Carrousel Miniature Rose

$8.95 per 3-inch pot

About this plant

3 Feet
Perennial in Zones 5-11
Flower Color
Full Sun, Deciduous
Culinary, Dried Flower, Ornamental

Growing & using Magic Carrousel Miniature Rose

Magic Carrousel Miniature Rose

Everything about Magic Carrousel Miniature Rose is spectacular.

Magic Carrousel Miniature Rose Hedge
This row is about 10 feet long, 5 feet wide and 4 feet high. It was planted with 3 of our 3-inch pots and is about eight years old. It is sheared at least every two years.
So many Magic Carrousel roses!

Like all roses, miniature roses are sun loving and fairly drought resistant. Plant in well drained soil and fertilize with an organic fertilizer in the spring. Dead canes can be pruned anytime but most pruning occurs in the fall when we shape the plant to the desirable height and width. All rose petals are edible, if grown organically, and make attractive garnishes for salads. They can be added after cooking to almost any dish. Whole buds can be used to decorate cakes or other confections. Before using any flower in food, a sample flower should be pulled apart and inspected for insects.

Seventeenth Century Herb Tea

Still tasty today!

**Rose leaves were often included in teas in times past, like in this one from the 1600’s.

  • 1 Rosemary (leaves)
  • 2 Lemon Balm (leaves)
  • 6 Rose (leaves)
  • A handful of Rose Petals

Chop finely (once dried), and make as normal.
(Steeped in water brought to a boil).
Try this warm or iced. A true blast from the past.

For more period teas check out
A Garden of Miracles
by Jill Davies.

Magic Carrousel Rose is one of six plants chosen to be in our Crafter’s Herb Garden Six Pack.

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