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Summer Herbal Wreath

Beautiful herbal wreath

The Oregano, Lavender and Bee Balm are getting a great deal of attention from the bee population. As I watch the intense work of a variety of bees, I know it is time for me to get to work too. It is time to hedge back some of the more aggressive herb plants and use the bounty for a sumptuous fresh Herbal Wreath.

I have on hand a few straw wreath bases. Today, I will use a ten-inch base. I was also able to scrounge up a pack of floral pins.

Armed with my favorite clippers, I head first to the Powis Castle Artemisia bush that is encroaching on the Rockrose. I cut it back to my satisfaction, filling my basket with my cuttings, and haul them to my picnic table on my patio.

Next, I zero in on the Culinary Oregano that is over growing the pathway. It yields plenty of delicate green flower tops peppered with white, which, when added to the Powis Castle will make great filler bundles for the base.

The Lavender and Bee Balm palnts are trimmed around their perimeter leaving plenty of flowers in the middle for the bees. Long wands of Pink Ornamental Oregano are also cut and added to the bucket. Finally, I cut clusters of Lamb’s Ears, small heads of Golden Yarrow and Colorful Statice.

At my work table, I pile and sort the various groups of herbs. My now empty basket stands ready to receive the unused pieces. I begin to fashion bouquets of Powis Castle. I use some long flowering pieces for the outside of the wreath base and to give the wreath some texture and shorter leafy pieces for bulk. I add Oregano spikes sprinkled with bundles of lavender and other colorful herbs.

Each bundle is secured with a pin forming graduated layers spiraling down the base. As I approach the spot I started at, I begin tucking the bouquets deep inside the first ones hiding their origins. Lambs Ear’s work well in clusters to fill gaps and flow over edges.

It is fortunate that I tied a piece of raffia to the wire hook I installed at the top of the straw base, because it would have been lost forever.

I hang the weighty wreath on a nail and observe its imperfections. I trim and pin and add here and there to round out the most beautiful wreath I have ever made (I say that about all of my wreaths). I hang it in the living room so my husband can ask every few minutes, “ Honey, what’s that smell?” I reply as always, “ You’ll have to figure that out for yourself!”

Wreath and Narration by Connie Nerison.

Wreath Making 1 2 3can help you make a wreath like Connie’s!

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