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Basic Culinary Herb Assortment #2

$179 for collection of 36 plants (3 plants of 12 varieties)

These boxes are full of dynamite-looking, healthy plants just waiting to give you the garden of your dreams. Don't settle for a few plants when you can have a yard full!

Our assortments are great for bigger spaces when you're not exactly sure what to order. All you have to do is choose your use and how many varieties you'd like, and we'll choose the best plants in the nursery that are available when your order is sent. (This means that we won't know what's going to be in your box until the day we pull your order, so please don't ask us what you'll get!)

Please note: Some of our gardens and assortments have zone ratings. Zones refer to winter time temperature once a plant is established. Zone 2 is the coldest and zone 11 is the warmest.