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Top Ten Gardening Mistakes

As you plan your gardens for this spring, consider these pitfalls. Gardening should be rewarding and these top ten tips can help you to succeed which will make it more fund to be in the garden!

Biting off more than we can chew. Try to be honest about how much time and effort you have and want to put into your garden. Growing one plant well is better than planting thirty and neglecting them.

Not pinpointing what you really want from your garden space. Veggies, herbs or flowers, some of each? By focusing on what you really want to grow, you will eliminate taking care of (and maybe resenting) plants that are secondary to your needs.

Convincing yourself that you have enough sun when you don’t really. It is important to understand that when plants need more sun than they are getting they develop poorly.

Underestimating how tall and wide a plant will get. If you have a four by four foot space and you are trying to plant something that gets six by six, you are eventually going to be unhappy with your choice. This includes trying to squeeze a plant that gets big into a tiny pot.

Thinking you can contain an invasive plant because you read how to do that somewhere. If the plant is tenacious enough, like mint, no amount of reading will help. Containers can be an option, if planted correctly.

Trying to fix the soil after you plant. Take the time to examine your soil before you plant. Does it drain well? Is it acidic or alkaline? Does it need organic matter to feed your plants? Trying to plant an acid loving blueberry in an alkaline soil will never work out well.

Picking a plant not suitable for your winter. While many plants that won’t survive your winter can be planted as annuals because they grow quickly, many cannot be because they grow very slowly to maturity over many years.

Figuring out your irrigation source after you plant. When summer’s sun is beating down on you and your garden are you going to be happy with your watering system. If you depend on summer rain and you enter a drought will you have the means to keep your garden going?

Assuming that because you want all the berries, the critters will leave them for you. This always surprises folks. It may be necessary to plant inside a fence or cover your tender seedlings with row cover. Keep an eye out and be prepared.

Not doing anything because there are so many ways to screw it up. Gardening is a learning experience like everything else in life. Keep at and you will get it right. We are always here to answer any questions you may have.

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